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TheWinDuck is all about Microsoft, Windows – be it on your smartphone, tablet or PC –  and Windows devices including Lumia phones and Surface hardware. Not only does TheWinDuck provide you with all the important news and infos regarding mentioned topics, but also do we offer in-depth reviews and tips and tricks both here on the blog as well as on our YouTube channel.

The passionate people behind TheWinDuck:

Founder & Editor-in-Chief & Head of TheWinDuck YouTube productions:

Dario TheWinDuck

Mail: dario@thewinduck.com

Twitter: @thewinduck

Instagram: @thewinduck

Facebook: TheWinDuck

YT channel: TheWinDuck

Editor and Head of our TheWinDuck app:


Mail: valentin@thewinduck.com

Twitter: @Valentin_Win10

Instagram: @Valentin_Win10


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